recipe shorthand (or why I think everyone knows my abbreviations)
of course, some of these may be standard, but why cause confusion? here’s a quick rundown of what all those abbreviations mean.

T : tablespoon
t : teaspoon
C : cup
F : farenheit
lbs : pounds

q: what kind of camera do you use?
a: a canon 20D digital SLR with a 55mm lens.
q: what lighting set-up do you have
a: aren’t you sweet? I use all natural morning light, preferably north facing. If I could get my hands on a nice light kit, that would be the bee’s knees.
q: is everything you cook vegan?
a: you bet! and I promise it’s delicious to boot.
q: can I substitute animal ingredients or other non-dairy ingredients in the recipes?
a: I’ve worked on each recipe with specific ingredients and can’t speak to what will happen with substitutions. If you have an allergy, try another substitution and see if it works (for example, soy milk for almond milk should be fine). I really encourage you not to substitute animal ingredients, since the recipes are intended to be vegan. Try the vegan version first – you might be pleasantly surprised!
q: I want to post a recipe or picture from your blog. Can I?
a: Please ask before posting anything from the blog! If posting a recipe, please link back to this blog and state clearly this is where the recipe came from. Of course, I adapt recipes frequently, so I don’t mind anyone adapting or re-posting mine, just a link and a notice is all I ask. If you are interested in the photos, please, please ask first! All the photos took a lot of time and effort to set up, photograph, and edit (and eat), and it sucks to see all that hard work somewhere else by surprise! Thanks!

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