main dishes

fried eggplant
pasta with vegan sausage, peppers, and tomatoes
tomato thyme bisque
sopa de fuba / collard greens, cornmeal, and faux sausage soup
fettuccine with basil and lemon
yellow squash casserole
tomato-fennel tart with garlic-dill cashew cream


heart healthy waffles
fig & chocolate scones
pumpkin cinnamon rolls
oatmeal breakfast bars
whole grain banana bread


chunky “blueprint” granola
apple cranberry fruit leather
vegan queso
chile roasted almonds
roasted applesauce
chili cheese fries


mango freeze
chocolate bread pudding with wine poached cherries
chocolate crust
plum pie
dark chocolate sorbet
butterscotch pudding
chocolate pumpkin cookie sandwich
sweet potato cheesecake
pumpkin cupcakes
blood orange truffles
rich hazelnut chocolate mousse cake
peanut butter mousse bars
banana cake with caramel cream cheese frosting
chocolate covered ginger patties
mini coconut bundt cakes
colorful swirl sugar cookies
cinnamon chocolate cupcakes with chili chocolate frosting
rosemary cookies with lemon curd
peach & mint granita
sea salted fudgesicles
mini mixed berry galettes
chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting


grapefruit gimlet
almond milk
basil lemonade
cherry-lime smash


blueberry thyme compote


light wheat bread
pumpkin cinnamon rolls
fig & chocolate scones
whole grain banana bread

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